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In many of the remote waterways small ships are the only way to explore the area. Forsake the wider shipping lanes for channels just a few hundred feet wide, tie up to inner piers in tiny villages, and share waterways with local fishermen and perhaps a few private yachts. Some ships have bow ladders for shore access while many others carry inflatable excursion craft to take you to where the action is.

Your cruise on our small ship is not filled with elaborate distractions, sleek resorts, and packaged tours. Rather, small ships are perfect for intimate exploration of off-the-beaten track waterways, narrow channels and tiny ports that passengers on large ships will never see.

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When Cruise West guests visit a small port in Alaska's Inside Passage or along Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortés, they don't overwhelm the local communities or crowd nature trails. In fact, the largest vessel hosts just 114 guests. In the small ports they visit, they have nourished excellent relationships with the local innkeepers, port directors, and local storytellers. That means everywhere you travel, you have entrée to the very best experiences that each community can offer. In every Cruise West destination, at least one shore excursion or highlight is included in each port of call, to further encourage your active involvement.

Your time is spent wisely, too. Rather than making a beeline from port to port, the Captains have the flexibility - and the inclination - to linger when nature is putting on a show, whether it's a spectacular rainbow or a rare view of wildlife.


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